Digital Consumers Vs Marketers

August 20, 2006

One Word Equity – Lord Saatchi

Before start reading, go through the above link attachment. It’s the views of Lord Saatchi, executive director of M&C Saatchi. It was sent to me by Bennedict, head – Fortune Communications, Chennai. And he asked me to put some insights to it.

Lord Saatchi forecasts 3 things:

  1. Death of modern Advertising
  2. Digital Natives / digital Immigrants
  3. One Word Equity.

The death of modern advertising is a very vast subject, will share my views in coming posts. Digital consumers is the subject that i think will make news in coming years among marketers. Lets look in to that.

Click here to know more about my insights on Digital Consumers.

Good day,

Manoj Kandasamy.

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One comment

  1. Dear Manoj,

    Yours is a neat and nice blog. I have downloaded the pdf files. thanks for sharing all the good stuff. One word equity is thought provoking. Keep up the good work. I konw you can do wonders. All the best.


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