Pedal to the Medal.

March 8, 2007

Click Here: To Read the Post

Well, in this quite a huge post i have focussed on several issues, which is happening and going to happen.

I would like to thank two people for the better outcome of the post. The man who has given the visual appeal for Paperwork, Ajoy. And the lady behind the language part, Prathibha.

Please download the post and do comment on Good, Bad and the Ugly part.

Good day,

Manoj Kandasamy.

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  1. Hi Manoj,

    the PDF file shows like corrupted font. Not able to read. Gotta check it in a PC. May be you can check it out with some mac user if it is same with him/her.

    good luck

  2. 7 month since you have done your last post…… :(

  3. Mr. Manoj,
    very interesting article. Good work. Why dont you publish it as a paper.

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