Is your brand ‘Blank’?

June 29, 2009

We all know that our world is changing and our marketing perspectives along with it. If you didn’t notice it then you should really consider if you have chosen the right job or being just stobbern. The way that brands communicate with their consomers has changed and the old-skool marketing, that tells the consumer over and over again to buy as much as possible, should be considedered as..well, just like I wrote: oldskool.

And this time oldskool means REALLY oldskool in a bad way.Like written many times before, marketing has evolved into something that brands now have to use to start a conversation with their consumers. Actually they should stop marketing and be more engaged in the consumer conversation and eventually act on behalf of the consumer, being their voice. In tateshis way consumers can start loving your brand and become brand advocates.

The consumers can fulfill of other potential consumers. In this way a brand can get to those consumers in a personal way. All that your brand has to do then is: make them think of you, make them love you and make them want to talk about you.The video tells in a nice and short way how word of mouth (WOM) actually works. When your BLANK brand is being loved it will be talked about and shared with others. It is a good way to start a WOM about your brand and this video shows a lot of tools that can be used for it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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