US Now. World Tomorrow.

July 3, 2009

We have seen the power of Collaboration at our workplace, home and even with t-shirts! But we are clueless about the true power of mass collaboration!

I had this thought for a very long time. What will the future look like?!! Well, my blog was born just to find out collaborative answers for that one simple question “What will the future look like?”

Right from Corporations to music bands, everyone has found the benefits of Collaboration. One of the best examples would be “Threadless”, an online store that sells crowd-sourced t-shirts!

Web 2.0 made it possible for individuals to realize their true power! An Individual is no more an Individual! Either he is part of Facebook or Linkedin or WordPress! What it does? Well, it might create presidents for a country! Remember Obama’s famous campaign? It’s all about collaboration! It’s a small step towards mass collaboration.

What is the power of Mass collaboration? We saw that during recent Iran-election crisis! The entire 2.0 world collaborated with fellow unknown virtual peers to help them hear their voice from Iran! Don’t you see the beginning of a new trend?!!

If you who have a vision for your company, children or for yourself, just watch this complete documentary “US NOW 2009″. This film is Directed by Ivo Gormley, and explores how web2.0 is changing the ways we interact with the world and how the emerging power of mass collaboration will drive the future. A little techy, but interesting enough at first glance!! You can actually watch the whole film on Youtube by CLICKING HERE!

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One comment

  1. Incredible!!! Iam so how facinated by the possibilities and I have started and in the process of starting excellent collaborations with like minded people discussings stuff like LGBT to education policy… the discussions are serious and funny.. recently on FB we were discussing about a guy, who is considered a bum a loser… the conversation was so casual but suddenly took on to such philosophical dimensions, many joined in with comments… I was attacked sometimes appreciated….I go wild and happy. All sitting on the computer and punching words on the screen.
    ITs a wonderful expereince I should say.

    Now this is excellent “running the government” assembly and parliament from the home… Honestly many of us dont depend on the politican to defend rights we form our own groups and handle it ourselves do the days are not far off….

    Thanks for sharing the video

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