Project Natal: Future of gaming is here.

July 8, 2009

Project Natal

Everything said and done. Gaming is the future of entertainment. Especially when youths of tomorrow doesn’t need to step out to socialize. He can work from home. Order online, pay everything online etc etc. We are not going to talk about that.

Gaming… Its always been a fantasy to every one of us. Our dads used to play outdoors, we spent most of our time  playing online, kids today needs an Xbox or Wii or PS3.What will be our grand children have to play with? I think Microsoft has just answered that question.

With project Natal, it makes a giant leap in the gaming arena. Others will follow-suit but everything has to have a starting point and Natal has started the transformation in a BIG way.

Natal might face a competition from relatively new opponent “Augmented reality”. Gaming via AR is a pure pleasure. But then again, it cant capture the market.

As of now, Natal is here with a Bang. And its here to Rule. Not just stay!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. wow playing game using your total body

    • Hi, Thanks for your comments.

      Yea, future holds tremendous possibilities. Playing with a screen as a whole is just a child play :)

      Good day,

      Manoj Kandasamy

  2. Happy New Year. to all of you guys.

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