Asia To Lead World In Mobile Marketing Spend By 2012.

July 31, 2009


The recent article I came across talks about the future of mobile marketing industry looks bright in Asia. What is pleasure to read is that new technologies will be tested in Asia and then will be adapted in western world! When we come across news and articles from India, Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Korea you can feel the amount of optimism and vibrations in the market!

Its a known fact that Asia is for the next generation what America & Europe was in the last generation. Every thing about asia is interesting! Almost all countries in Asia is growing and not affected by recession. I personally believe this because of the facts that:

A) Asia is YOUNG : Almost all countries in Asia (Except China!) have more number of YOUTH

B) Asians are hard working : Similarity you can find among asians in any part of the world is Hard working! Be it an CEO, Sr- Exec, Mid management or even a waiter in restaurant, you can find them working hard to make a mark!

C) Asians are confident: Be it an Indian, Chinese or a Korean, they are all confident about their country, economic condition and the future prospects which is contrast to those in most of the western countries!

Mobile will be ruled by Asia, like Internet was ruled by western world! We can expect many startups focussing on mobile and succeed too!

As i always believe Asia is the future. And the western world will grab the trend from Asia. Though its hard to believe, this is what the future all about.

Good day,
Manoj Kandasamy


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