Why I believe JWT is one of the few agencies with great vision.

February 7, 2010

I love the creative piece of work from Ogilvy where they just transform a simple insight in to a amazing creative expression. In fact I do believe every agency has its own essence and expression(BBDO, W+K, BBH, Leo Burnett etc). Traditionally, AdMen are considered to be laid back and party maniacs.

If you have worked in any agency before then you will realize that they actually DESERVES that! Have you ever managed a campaign that involves 3 months of hard work, few weeks of sleepless nights, few days of pain in the a@#? As natural to human beings, admen tend to have a few days of normalcy and obviously to party to cherish the success or forget the failure :)

Keeping aside all these attributes, when it comes to forecasting the trends and having the thought process aligned to that requires some vision. JWT is one of that agency, which looks very promising and looks like they got it right. For the uninitiated, JWT Intelligence tracks the shift in consumer attitude, changing business Eco-system etc.

To me this is a great initiative which every agency should follow which will help them to align their vision with a logic sense of the future. And one more thing, WPP has an amazing section called “Reading room”, how many of you guys know this? It has amazing collections of articles from its agencies around the world. And yes, most of then are for free!

Following is an amazing collection of interesting insights by JWT on 100 things to watch in 2010.

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  1. You really think so. They are very much process driven. Over the past 15 years the economic liberalization in India was responsible for the industry growth. Org like JWT are still struggling to free themselves from the Industrial mindset.

  2. 100 things for 2010… notices something its lifestyle and technology oriented. They obviously are engaging on the peripheries on on the central point – that is the human mind.

    2010 will see the demise of the traditional advertising institution. The cathedral will be fall the bazar will emerge.

  3. the 365 day roman calender is out of the window anyway.

    • Hi Benny, I do agree with you that organisations struggle to come out form industrial mindset and yes, JWT is a very process driven agency. But i do believe that JWT as a culture has showing symptoms of change like JWT intelligence. Do access their previous trend letters and they are interesting!

      I think they are in the right track, and so is Ogilvy. As i can see FCB ULKA, Leo burnet and Rediff too are also applying new thinking in their culture!

      • I am fully with Benedict. Whatever you have said about JWT is what every large agency is doing in a different for with a different nomenclature. As Benedict says almost all agencies are trying to re-invent themselves…Sorry buddy dont get impressed too soon. you got to know more about what other agencies are doing quietly.

  4. Change happens in such rapid succession, the technology life cycle, loyalty shifts, add the attention economy all this will not permit an iron clad, process laden institution to be relevant and effective. The change that u see in JWT may be in the right direction but certainly not in the right speed. By the time they bring in changes the environment would bave changed so they will always be behind/
    The solution is close to what Barnavik did for ABB before the unification of europe.

    They need to leap frog into the future. Whats the future? The future, I believe, does not accommodate them, for its for the ones who are sensitive to society and humanity.

    • Completely buying in to your point that agencies need to leapfrog the future! And Yes, they have to be sensitive!

  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback sir. My views are simply from the observations from friends and online. Yes, as you said, every other agency big, small, medium, has their own style and vision to face the future. I’m not supporting for JWT here, but i felt they are in the right track. YES, i will definitely start observing what other agencies are doing too.

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