My next boss. Is it you? Or the one you know?

April 27, 2010


How we perceive this 3 letter word differentiates people who work and people who enjoy the work.

I have spent quite a number of sleepless nights in the office not because my boss wanted me to, but because I enjoyed every opportunity that came my way. It is great for anyone to have had bosses like Mr. Vijay Shekar, Mr. Sreeram, Mr. Madhusudhan Rhenius and Mr. Suresh Narasimha who trusted my ability and gave me a great platform to learn. I am what I am today only because of my all of my Bosses who have guided me even after I left their respective companies!

The last decade has brought some interesting challenges to communication professionals. One has to keep in sync with the consumers, their media consumption habits, etc. And that exploration led me to look out for new challenges. Who would have thought to move on from a prestigious company like RK Swamy BBDO for an exciting start up, especially during the FIRST recession for people of my age?

After all, people who never take chances, never get ahead!

After 4.8 yrs. I am perfectly bundled with learnings from my advertising career and great exposure to mobile marketing and social media. Having realized that I believe that I can be a value-add for any communication outfit where there is a need for brand communication with the consumers, I am open to explore opportunities in advertising, digital communication, brand management etc.

So now: My next boss. Is it you? Or the one you know? Check out the ‘prezi’ embedded to this post below. If it’s not displayed, check it out here!

If you think I can be a great value add to your team please check out my resume by simply clicking here! Let’s catch up over a coffee.

Appreciate if you could share the following message in your facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/Gtalk status, that will be great help:

Who is @manojksamy’s NEW BOSS? #mynextboss http://wp.me/p1sTU-7P



  1. Nice ! Innovative ! I really liked it. Also tweeted it. All the best in finding your next job !

  2. Hi Manoh

    Very cleverly crafted message :-)Congrats and all the best

  3. Just tweeted about it. Please keep us updated as I’m just too curious about this :)

    Best of luck, mate!

    • Thanks a lot! Yes will keep you posted about the same :)

  4. gud one, will defenitely tweet this


    • Sir,

      Thanks a lot your trust, once again!

      Will call you for sure!

  6. Very innovative and excellent concept. Best of luck

  7. Manoj, sll the best for your new assignment! My only suggestion: don’t lose this creativity after you bag your job!!

    • Dear Ketan,

      Thanks for your wishes and hitting the bulls eye! Yes, i will definitely carry forward my learnings and innovation in my job too!

  8. Wish you luck Manoj!

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