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New Generation Agencies. Can we see some in 2010?

December 10, 2009

Personally, the year 2010 looks very interesting and promising for advertising.  I strongly believe this is the year that will determine the future of the advertising industry. And obviously this year will bring the best innovation in agency format and the working style of agencies.

Are brands going to get more the specialized agencies on board by rejecting the biggies? If we go by the early indicators, things are not so great for the global networks. The Wrigley’s recent agency shake down might be the beginning of the end of the mind set “everything under one roof”. How many times have we heard this statement from clients “our last agency did a great job, but they don’t get interactive”!

On the other hand many experts in traditional setups feel that digital agencies are struggling to transform their technology knowledge in to long term brand value, because traditional agencies have 100 years of brand building experience! Read few interesting debates on whether digital agencies are ready to lead here and here.

But, Facebook is a brand that was built online and so is Twitter! These two brands clearly showed the world that, a brand can be built in a short time, without using any traditional methods! Apart from these brands there are thousand other brands that have been built online, which proved that brands just need a clear vision and mindset to evolve along with the changing consumers. Even bigger brands are moving towards interactive communication. Here is the list of Ten Smartest Big Brands in Social Media, by Mashable.

We have to accept the fact that, traditional agencies are changing, but not at the required speed. The day when agencies start thinking to channelize the brand thought in an interactive way rather than their favourite traditional media which brings more profit, it might bring some bloom to the credibility of agencies. But the transformation should not be at the cost of traditional media! Agencies just need to do marketing WITH the consumer rather than marketing TO them. Agencies just need to figure out the art of pairing hands with the consumers and build the brand in the age of crowd sourcing. When the performance based incentives are round the corner, agencies need to buckle up!

I really liked a thought from a recent article from iMedia “It’s the agencies with digital DNA that can think strategically like traditional agencies that will thrive in future”.

Have a look at the following presentation from Köksal Abdurrahmanoglu regarding new generation agency model. Its worth your time.